As there will be plenty of screenshots and imagery from Final Fantasy XIV:
Images and likenesses from Final Fantasy XIV are (c)2010-[present day] SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

I am not affiliated with SQUARE ENIX. Unless explicitly stated, I am not affiliated with any brands or companies, regardless of imagery or branding that appears on-screen.

Business inquiries by e-mail should go to the Google Mail inbox for user “tsushekeyshe” — you can also DM SushiKishi on Twitter.

Model Credits:

Sushi v1 by Sushi.

Sushi v2 by Liijha__, though its clothes change often and are credits below.

My Chibi-style 2D Model was made by NyarlaNya. Find them on Twitter || Twitch || Carrd

Panini Tachibana’s model is gamer girl by animefreak.

Music Credits:
Primarily from the OC Remix station at Rainwave. Other music from OC Remix, including from official album releases there.

Other art:

Other on-screen assets (furniture, props, etc):

Items from Booth, PIXIV, etc, are listed here in no particular order. This will quickly turn into a long list, so I wanted to give it its own space.

Armor SetKyurofreed
Kimono SetConpeido
Weighted DiscsKing Robo
Ripped JeansSianon
Eiji KotougeGaribenV
This Male Skin Texture
These denim jackets by Dust en
Conqueror OutfitHannya
Swimwear – 着合わせ水着 VRoid 男性 by YSIY–279412.html

Various Icons:

“Now Playing” background: Graphic art vector created by brgfx –

If I missed yours, or there is any issue with an asset you see on-screen, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to fix it!