vTuber Sushi Kishi posing.
Hello! :3

It’s everyone’s favorite Lalafell here! The world-famous, one-of-a-kind vTuber Su…huh? No, I’m not Tataru! I’m not the Sultana either!

Okay, fine, so it’s everyone’s third-favorite Lalafell here, the world-famous, one-of-a-kind vTuber, Sushi Kishi! もしもし!おはようございます!

I live in The Old Dominion now, but originally come from the city-state of Gridania, in a place called Eorzea. If you haven’t heard of Eorzea before, don’t worry! You can always visit it for free from the comfort of your own home by playing the free trial of Final Fantasy XIV! It’s a digital recreation of my home, but for now it’s as close as I’m going to get. I haven’t been able to find a way home yet. It’s hard to find the time to look when I had to spend so much of each day on the run from Square-Enix! But you’ll need to read more about my story for the details on that.

Luckily, we’ve finally come to an agreement that lets me stay on Earth without having to dodge all of their Seekers anymore. So I’m trying to finally start learning more about life, culture, and especially the food of America until I find a way home. And I decided to share my adventures by livestreaming them from time to time! Maybe we can raise some gil for charities while we’re at it, too.

Contact and Navigation

Business inquiries by e-mail should go to On Twitter or Discord, you can DM me @SushiKishi (#0521 for Discord).

Otherwise, there are a couple of things you can do while here at my home on the web:

  • Watch! – Tune in to the livestream, or meet one of my friends!
  • Intro – Every vTuber has one!
  • Story – Meet my friends and learn about my time here on Earth.
  • Journal – I guess you call it a “web blog?” Read stories of my adventures both here and in Eorzea.
  • Charity – Learn about the charities I’m currently supporting, how to donate, and what you get if you do!
  • Tipjar – My student loans followed me from Eorzea; every bit of support helps me do more vtuber-ing and unlocks stream incentives!
  • Credits – A vaguely organized list of credits to assets used on-stream or on this website.